Doğuş Group, with its 300+ companies and 18K+ employees, serves its customers with high technology, top-level brand quality, and a dynamic human resource.

Doğuş Group that works to create the standards of a better life by taking the lead of discoveries that shape modern life, was established in 1951. The Group aims to be a global player in its working areas and incorporates best-in-class lifestyle brands that will turn into a passion for customers, employees, business partners, and even for competitors. Operating in the automotive, construction, media, food & beverage, tourism, retail, real estate, and energy sectors, Doğuş Group also continues to grow with new investments in sports and entertainment areas. Doğuş Group, with its 300+ companies and 18K+ employees, serves its customers with high technology, top-level brand quality, and a dynamic human resource.

Behind the success of Doğuş Group, a customer-oriented and productivity-centered management approach lies. The Group represents Turkey all over the world with its global collaborations. Doğuş Group has Volkswagen AG and TÜVSÜD in automotive, Hyatt International Ltd. in tourism, and Latsis Group and Kiriacoulis Group in the marine field. The Group has partnerships with major global players such as the international Azumi Group, which includes brands such as Roka, Zuma, and Oblix in the food and beverage sector, and Paraguas Group, which owns Amazonico, Ten Con Ten, and El Paraguas brands. Doğuş Group has also a partnership with the South Korean SK Group in the e-commerce field.

Doğuş Group’s management approach reflects the corporate awareness of citizenship. Doğuş Group aims to leave a legacy and make daily life better while conducting the social responsibility projects. The Group aims to contribute to a growing and developing future for society.

Doğuş Group is aware of its responsibilities in all corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, acts to be a pioneer and exemplary to the society, and contributes to the national economy and employment with its investments.

Doğuş Group, as a pioneer of the transformation in Turkey, makes the best use of its extensive service, knowledge, and cooperation network in achieving its goals. Doğuş Group has a vision for becoming a global player that sets standards and advances with discoveries. Accordingly, it researches collaborations and investment opportunities that will have a positive impact on the national economy.


Founded in 1953, the SK Group has led the recovery and growth of the Korean economy after the war that left Korea in ruins. Starting the business in textile, SK became the first company to export fiber in 1958 and was the first producer of basic polyester thread in the country. In 1973, it established Sunkyoung Petroleum and later merged with the privatized Korean Petroleum Public Corporation. In 1983, Sunkyoung Petroleum started developing overseas oil fields, which made the company the leading company in the energy industry of Korea. In the following year, the SK Group expanded into the telecommunication industry with SK Telecom. In 1996, SK Telecom became the first mobile network operator in the world to commercialize CDMA technology. By implementing the latest technology in internet and telecommunications, SK Telecom has not only been the dominant leader of the mobile industry of Korea with more than 50% of market share, but also has driven digital convergence by branching out into different fields including e-commerce. In addition to its two main anchors (energy & chemical and information & technology), the SK Group also operates in the marketing & logistics and semi-conductor & materials industry. As of now, the SK Group has grown into the 3rd largest conglomerate in Korea in both sales and assets and it was listed as the 73rd largest company in Fortune Global 500 list. Its 70,000 employees achieved US$119 billion sales in 2019.